Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Vida Divina Compensation Plan

Introduction to Binary:
The binary system begins when you sign up as a representative of a networking company. There are usually multiple ways you can sign up and each position typically has a different compensation package but the basic binary structure is always the same.

Learning the Binary System:
As you start your Network Marketing business your downline will probably begin start with one available position on your LEFT and one available position on your RIGHT (if you were taking over someone's position {it must be allowed by your company} or if you were signed into the downline for sometime before you actually viewed it, you may already have people in position(s) under you). You or someone above you can place one and only one person in your immediate left and right positions.

Check out this Youtube Video titled
Vida Divina Compensation Plan - How To Make Money From Home With A Binary Compensation Plan

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