Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Vida Divina Compensation Plan

Introduction to Binary:
The binary system begins when you sign up as a representative of a networking company. There are usually multiple ways you can sign up and each position typically has a different compensation package but the basic binary structure is always the same.

Learning the Binary System:
As you start your Network Marketing business your downline will probably begin start with one available position on your LEFT and one available position on your RIGHT (if you were taking over someone's position {it must be allowed by your company} or if you were signed into the downline for sometime before you actually viewed it, you may already have people in position(s) under you). You or someone above you can place one and only one person in your immediate left and right positions.

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Vida Divina Compensation Plan - How To Make Money From Home With A Binary Compensation Plan

Can you copy and paste your way to $500-$10000 per month? I did and so is my team! Make $75 to $600 fast start $500-$3000 Mortgage bonus $50% Check match 7 levels deep Amazing products everyone needs Training from 6 and 7 figure earners Potential Crazy Spillover.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Best Way To Lose Weight Fast In 2016

Here are some Vida Divina Products

  • We will have a fully organic cosmetic line!
  • A line of healthy pet products
  • 6 electrolyte waters~~~Every one of them have all natural color, are fully organic, vegan, kosher and are all certified!
  • A superfood drink~liquid nutrition packed with 36 all natural ingredients
  • “Time capsule” that contains 10 medicinal mushrooms!
  • Whole bean and instant coffee
  • Meal replacement shakes

 We will be releasing new products every 60-90 days and expect to have 165 products in the Vida Divina product line available to the masses by the end of next summer!

See the many benefits of TeDivina in this YouTube Video

Vida Divina - Compensation Plan

Vida Divina is a Health & Wellness Company led by MLM Guru/Expert Armand Puyolt, looking to improve health, nutrition, and welfare. Their main goal is to deliver high-quality premium products that can be consumed at any stage of life and become a contributor to our economic developments. Brand new company with a chance to get in on the ground level and make thousands per week. Vida Divina will allow you to choose on the date of launch your custom Distributor Package. Here is the first 9. The other 9 in January. Vida Divina is opening in 9 countries: USA, Mexico, El Salvador, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Columbia, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico. Launching with 14 products ready out of the gate with 19 other products to follow in the next year. Vida Divina Can not ship to any country we are not legalized in. Can use a US address to ship there products and ship their products to them. Some of the Comp plan: -50 to 70% for fast start bonus -no autoship -mortgage bonus from $1000-$4000 -make money on retail -50% check match bonus down to 7 levels The following are your package choices. $150 for 4 Products (Package has $160 in products) $300 for 9 Products (Package has $360 in products) $600 for 19 Products (Package has $760 in products) $1200 for 40 Products (Package has $1600 in products).
Now Listen up.                                                                                                                                
Let me share with you some amazing benefits Vida Divina will be offering  distributors when they invest time, and hard work in the company:
  • All Products $40.00! Can you believe that! No more expensive products trying to sell & promote.
  • 50-70% progressive fast track bonus
  • 7 Generation progressive check match*20% presenter bonus
  • Home mortgage bonus
  • Customer 50% markup bonus 100% points to binary
  • All products are $40-40 customer points
  • Progressive Binary 5-10% to 20-25%
  • Progressive home mortgage bonus
  • Progressive star points
  • Rank Advancement rewards
  • Volume does not reset if you are not binary qualified
  • There is even talk of no monthly autoship but that is still in questioned.
  • And much more is coming! Hold on folks!

Registration starts second me week of June, 2016.

They will have available Packs at these costs:
  • $150 4 products (each $40 wholesale price)
  • $300. 9 products (each $40 wholesale price)
  • $600 19 products (each $40 wholesale price)
  • $1200 40 products (each $40 wholesale price)
  • that's $400 extra in wholesale price  You pick your products of your choice on the pack.

People will be able to come in at $40 as a customer & upgrade to distributor pack of  YOUR choice. Position yourselves, families, friends, business associates, your team to succeed by having all your information ready to be put in as soon as we get the word.
Vida Divina is outstanding Health & Wellness company that will deliver you some of the finest natural and organic products.  They are 100% debt free company and is strongly positioned in helping people around the world improve their health & make a better living for them & their families.

People are excited about this  company & feels like they are having a second chance in this industry because they have been let down so many times ! 

 You see, 1,000's of network marketers across the Globe knows Mr. Puyolt history and what this man stands for which is truth, superior work ethic, and respect.. He has established the up most loyalty from his peers in the industry.  He simply wants everyone to win. 

So what are some of the benefits? Here is just a few.  This is truly ground breaking opportunity!   You will have to ride out the bumps, bruises and  the exciting wave! If you can hang in there, I truly believe it will be worth it.

James Simmons
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